Russian Orthodox Church statistics (from the report by Patriarch Alexy at the diocesan conference of the Moscow clergy on 21 December 2005)

The Moscow Patriarchate has 132 dioceses with 26600 parishes (including 12665 in Russia). There are 688 monastic abodes (207 monasteries and 226 convents in Russia, 85 monasteries and 80 convents in Ukraine, 35 monasteries and 50 convents in other CIS countries, 2 monasteries and 3 convents in other foreign states).

The number of bishops is 175, including 132 diocesan bishops, 32 vicar bishops and 11 retired. 25 stavropegic monasteries are under the jurisdiction of the patriarch, including four monasteries and four convents in Moscow.

The number of churches and chapels in Moscow increased from 645 to 724 in 2005.

Sixteen churches in Moscow are not yet functioning, and 34 church buildings have not been vacated by previous leaseholders.

The number of clergy in Moscow amounted to 1681 against 1586 last year, including 1191 priests and 490 deacons.