2012-08-13 10:15:00

Organizers of Madonna concert in St. Pete may sue anti-gay law author

St. Petersburg, August 13, Interfax - Petersburg Music Industry (PMI), the company that organized pop star Madonna's concert in St. Petersburg on Thursday, will sue St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly member Vitaly Milonov for videotaping the show if he accuses PMI of violating the law banning gay propaganda among minors, the PMI press service told Interfax.

"Audio, video and photo records at the concert were prohibited. The spectators were informed about this in an information video at the sports and concert complex several hours before the concert. In addition, making pictures of underage children is not allowed without their parents' consent," it said.

PMI has preferred to assume an amicable position from the very start and "called on everyone to enjoy the world star's wonderful show, which St. Petersburg had never seen before" rather than "pay attention to some individuals' invectives against Madonna."

"We are not in the mood to fight. But we won't leave Mr. Milonov's attacks without attention," it said.

Milonov had said earlier that he would send his 'agents' to the concert to videotape it.

It was reported earlier that Madonna gave a concert as part of her world tour at the Peterburgsky sports and concert complex on August 9. At the start of the show, the singer asked the audience to raise their hands with pink bracelets to express their support for sex minorities.

"Show your love and appreciation to the gay community! We want to fight for the right to be free. All people should be treated with dignity, respect, and love," Madonna said.

Milonov told Interfax later that his aides attended the concert and videotaped it. "There were minors there, there were 12-year-old children there," Milonov said. "We believe the law banning homosexuality propaganda was broken," he said.

He also said some civil activists filed a report with police demanding that Madonna be held liable for violating the city legislation banning propaganda of homosexuality among minors.