2012-07-18 18:23:00

A Communist MP leads the rating oh homophobes in Ukraine

Kiev, July 18, Interfax - A deputy of the Ukranian parliament (Verkhovnaya Rada) Yevgeny Tsarkov headed the rating of "the homophobic activist of the year" for his initiative to return the sodomy to the Criminal Code.

"I represent a radical wing and stand for their criminal proceeding. It was justly punished by prison in the USSR," the human rights activist Alexander Zinchenkov cited the MP as saying.

At a Thursday press conference in the Interfax he also declared the list of other "homophobic activists of the year". These are for instance Mikhail Chechetov (Party of Regions) for his unwillingness "to enter Europe through the ass", Alla Alexandrovskaya (Communist Party) who called the gay-parade in Kiev as "Shame for Ukraine", Sergey Kiy (Party of Regions) who proposed to burn in hot irons Kiev gay-parades, etc.

Besides, in the list of homophobes there is a member of the political council of the nationalistic union Svoboda (Liberty). According to him, gay-parade may slander Svoboda in some way.