2012-05-17 16:00:00

Orthodox activists to prevent gay pride parade

Moscow, May 17, Interfax - Representatives of organizations supporting the Orthodox Church have promised to take to the streets in order to prevent a gay pride parade, which could take place in Moscow on May 27.

"I am convinced that gays will hold a procession along Moscow streets even if they do not receive permission and will stage provocations. As usual, our response will be quite adequate and tough. We will go to their gathering places and will push them from these places in the most uncompromising manner," Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods coordinator Yury Ageshchev told Interfax-Religion.

He called on Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin "to demonstrate his attitude toward this lawlessness on the part of gays in fact, not in word, and stay relentless."

"Otherwise, their behavior will be even more impudent next time," he said.

Corporation of Orthodox Action head Kirill Frolov, for his part, told Interfax-Religion that activists of Cossack youth associations and sport clubs that cooperate with his organization planned to "patrol Moscow streets, especially places where 'perverts of all sorts' gather," on the day of the gay pride parade.

The gay community's official website reported on Monday that an application for permission to stage a gay pride parade in Moscow on May 27 had been submitted. The organizers stressed that the event would be held regardless of the city authorities' decision.