2012-04-05 15:57:00

Archdeacon Kurayev says he was joking when "recommended" to disrupt Madonna's concert in St. Petersburg

*** He offers to refuse Madonna entry to Russia

Moscow, April 5, Interfax - Renowned missionary Archdeacon Andrey Kurayev says that his words at a meeting with youth and deputies in St. Petersburg regarding Madonna's concert in the "northern capital" were a joke.

"MP Milonov asked me: "What an a normal person should do in relation to Madonna who said that she would come to Petersburg to promote homosexuality?" I answered: "A normal person calls the Federal Security Service and says: "I have the information that militants from New Guinea planted a bomb in the concert hall," Father Andrey told Interfax-Religion on Thursday.

According to the archdeacon, "I mentioned New Guinea on purpose, to make it clear that it was a joke," however many mass media took Father Andrey's words seriously.

At the same time, the interviewee of the agency said that he would disrupt Madonna's performance "with pleasure."

He reminded that St. Petersburg law envisaging administrative punishment for promoting homosexuality and pedophilia among the underaged entered into force.

"If a person says beforehand that he or she goes to a certain city to violate a local law then I believe the most proper formal reaction is to turn to the Foreign Ministry urging not to issue entry visa," the professor stressed.

It was earlier reported that Madonna's concert is planned for August 9. The singer wrote in the Facebook about her plans to refer to violated rights of lesbian and community in connection with the law adopted in the "northern capital" that foresees an administrative punishment for promoting homosexuality and pedophilia among the underaged.

The author of this law, deputy Vitaly Milonov told Interfax that "if Madonna or anyone of the concert organizers violate the city law they will be punished: the singer can be fined for 5 thousand rubles and organizers can lose up to half million rubles."