2012-03-27 11:47:00

Moscow Orthodox community tells gays not to play with fire

Moscow, March 27, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox community is determined to prevent rallies by gay and lesbian activists in reaction to the adoption of a law in St. Petersburg banning "homosexual propaganda".

"According to our sources, gay and lesbian activists plan to organize rallies near children's establishments in Moscow and St. Petersburg. We will offer robust resistance. It looks like they need more than gay clubs and propaganda in the media and on the Internet. They are targeting our children now," Yury Ageshchev, the coordinator of the Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods, told Interfax-Religion on Tuesday.

"Russia differs from unbridled Europe. Here different values and traditions reign," he said.

"This is our warning: We are a peaceful people, but we will stand tall to defend our children adequately. One should not play with fire," Ageshchev said.

Hegumen Sergy (Rybko), a prominent missioner and senior priest at several Moscow churches told Interfax-Religion that he had blessed Orthodox believers to combat gay rallies.

"The sins that these people popularize have no place in this country," he said.

Father Sergy thanked the authorities in St. Petersburg for passing the law and deputies of the Novosibirsk legislature who want to follow in St. Petersburg's footsteps.

The organizer of Moscow gay parades Nikolay Alexeyev earlier announced that protests would be staged near children's establishments this week in St. Petersburg "to provide objective information about the nature of homosexuality to the public and teenagers."