2012-03-21 12:44:00

Patriarch Kirill's organization backs up the law against homosexual propaganda

Moscow, March 21, Interfax - The World Russian People's Council supports St. Petersburg governor Georgy Poltavchenko as he has recently signed a law to ban promoting homosexuality and pedophilia among the under-aged.

"Statements made by certain opposition ideologists who say that by signing the law Poltavchenko "blocked his way to governors at free elections" as "opposition won't forgive him" look ridiculous. Such statements only stress that such "opposition" exists in a narrow immoral social stratum and its interest are from the interests of Russian people," the Council says in its statement conveyed to Interfax-Religion.

According to its authors, critics of the law, for example, international organization Human Rights Watch, which demands to cancel the adopted law, infringe on Russian citizens' right to protect public morality and their children.

"It is an expression of the perverted human rights concept that considers rights of homosexual preferable to the rights of overwhelming majority of people - followers of normal family lifestyle," the Council stress in its statement.

The World Russian People's Council considers necessary not only to oppose this trend in Russia, but also urges western and world societies to take joint actions as their rights to protect public morality and human dignity "are roughly violated by legislation of certain countries."

"In the epoch when "immoral totalitarianism" advances and cruelly destroys traditional nature of human personality and Christian spiritual heritage, Russia in eyes of millions of Europeans and Americans may and should become a stronghold of moral norms and true human values," the statement writers believe.

The World Russian People's Council is an international public organization set up in 1993. The organization is led by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. The Council received a special consultative status at the UN in 2005.