2012-03-12 10:02:00

Gays to protest against St. Petersburg homophobic law near schools

Moscow, March 12, Interfax - Gays are planning to stage a protest in St. Petersburg against a bill signed into law on Sunday, banning the propaganda of homosexuality among minors.

"As soon as the St. Petersburg law is published and takes effect, we will definitely, as promised, come to St. Petersburg and stage protests outside a number of children's institutions and challenge the law at Russian courts and the European Court of Human Rights," organizer of Moscow gay pride parades Nikolay Alexeyev told Interfax.

The signed law "runs counter to the Russian international commitments, in particular, those resulting from the European Convention," he said.

The same bills were passed or are about to be passed in four Russian regions, including Ryazan and Kostroma, and the movement activists continue to challenge the regional authorities' decisions in court, Alexeyev said.

It was reported that on Sunday St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko signed into law a bill banning propaganda of homosexuality among minors.

The document is due to become a law ten days after its official publication.