2012-01-20 10:11:00

Russian gays to appeal to ECHR against Moscow bans for 100 years ahead

Moscow, January 20, Interfax - Moscow's Tverskoy Court has refused to compel city hall to provide a reason for not allowing gay pride parades until 2112.

The lawsuit was filed by Russian gay community leader Nikolay Alexeyev. "We are asking the court to compel city hall to give a motivated reply to our activists' applications," he said.

The court has thrown out Alexeyev's civil lawsuit, an Interfax correspondent said. The plaintiff has already vowed to file a cassation complaint with the Moscow City Court within the statutory ten-day period.

In 2011, gay activists, "having used a loophole in the laws, which do not set any maximum periods for allowing cultural public events in the capital city," applied to the authorities for the approval of 102 gay pride parades between 2012 and 2112, Alexeyev told Interfax.

According to the organizers, all parades were to take place in the Bolotnaya Square in Moscow.

"In reply, we received a letter citing a legal clause which regulates conducting cultural public events in the capital city. We received neither consent, nor refusal, although by law they are required to provide us with one or the other within a 15-day period," he said.

The gay pride parade organizers were not hoping to obtain permission, they were just looking for a reason to take their case to the European Court of Human Rights, Alexeyev said.

"Each time we are refused, but Strasbourg ruled these decisions to be illegal. But later we apply for another parade and are refused again. This time we decided to appeal in Strasbourg against the future gay pride parades," the gay community leader said.