2011-10-13 13:43:00

Moscow gays, lesbians to hold their rally despite city authorities' ban

Moscow, October 13, Interfax - The Moscow authorities did not permit a picket and a rally of gays and lesbians within the STP-2012 (Stop Trans Pathologization Campaign), Moscow Gay Pride Parade organizers said.

"The Moscow authorities did not allow activists of the GayRussia.ru gay and lesbian human rights project and the Moscow Gay Pride Parade organizing committee to hold a picket and a rally for de-pathologization of trans identities," Moscow gay movement leader Nikolay Alexeyev told Interfax on Thursday.

He said the actions were planned near the Russian Health and Social Development Ministry on October 22 within the STP-2012 which started in 2009.

The organizers plan to hold the actions just the same, Alexeyev said. In his words, they have lawful rights to express their opinion and will appeal the denial of permits by the authorities at court, up to the European Court of Human Rights.