2011-10-10 16:47:00

Novosibirsk police investigate attack on local gay activist

Novosibirsk, October 10, Interfax - The Novosibirsk police are investigating the Monday attack on gay activist Bulat Barantayev.

"Three men attacked me when I was leaving the mayor's office in the morning. They hit me in the face before I could run away. I think the attack was related to the events organized by Novosibirsk homosexuals because the attackers shouted homophobic slogans," Barantayev told Interfax.

He said he would go to a police station and make a report.

The Novosibirsk regional police department confirmed an inquiry from the hospital, where Barantayev went to certify his condition.

"Details of the attack are being studied," the police said.

Barantayev and his supporters held an action in Novosibirsk on August 31 to urge parents to accept any sexual inclinations of their children. The action caused a diverse public response.