2011-09-27 10:05:00

Four Moscow gay organizations denied registration

Moscow, September 27, Interfax - The Russian Justice Ministry's Main Directorate for Moscow has denied registration to four public organizations set up by activists from the Russian gay community.

"The authorities continue their arbitrariness by denying us registration under any contrived pretexts," one of the co-founders of the new organizations, Nikolay Alexeyev, wrote on his blog.

Unlike their colleagues in St. Petersburg, Moscow justice officials have registered not a single public organization of sexual minorities, he said.

"The impression is that Moscow and St. Petersburg are the cities located in various countries. There is no united legal space in Russia," he said.

The Justice Ministry's decisions were made with respect to the Harvey Milk Society, Sport Without Homophobia, Article 282 and the Committee of the International Day Against Homophobia.

The ministry said the submitted documents do not comply with the Russian law.

"We intend to rectify the faults which were indicated to us and to re-apply for registration of these organizations. If we fail for the second time, we will go to courts and will be ready to take all cases to the European Court of Human Rights," Alexeyev said.

The Justice Ministry's Moscow Directorate was not immediately available for comment on this matter.