2011-07-04 10:47:00

Russians consider homosexuality immoral and lack of morality a significant loss of reform years, sociologists say

Moscow, July 4, Interfax - Today Russians consider moral decay one of the greatest losses the society suffered for the years of reforms.

Such a conclusion was made by authors of the Russian Sociological Research Twenty years of reforms through Russians' eyes held by the Sociological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in all country's territorial and economical districts, in Moscow and St.Petersburg among 1750 respondents aged 18 and older.

Moral decay occupies the second or the third place in a "rating of losses", 32% of respondents mentioned it. The participants in the poll equaled moral decay to such acute problems of modern Russia as lack of proper order in the country and growth of corruption (also the second and the third place) and only slightly concedes to the rating's leader - fall of living standards (46%).

According to the document posted at the institute website, decay of public morality is considered "one of the most pronounced negative processes of the both decades."

"However, if in 1990s the decay of moral climate in society conceded, for example, to the fall of living standards, then in 2000s public morality became the main "leader" of negative changes, leaving behind such negative events of the period as crisis in social sphere (medicine, education, culture), situation in legal and law-enforcement agencies, inter-ethnic relations, living standards," sociologists stated.

Russians say they oppose most of deeds and events that are usually considered immoral or at least not ethic. Among absolute tabus - drug addiction, homosexual relations, using sexual relations for mercenary purposes (90%, 87% and 77% of respondents correspondingly).

According to the poll authors, today most moral norms are much more actual than ten years ago and especially if compared to 1990s. The results of the poll compared to the results of 1997 and 2001 shows that the number of those who oppose most actions and deeds traditionally considered immoral has grown.

First of all, it refers to drug addiction (from 79% to 90-91%), homosexuality (from 49% to 87%), using of sexual relations for mercenary purposes (from 71% to 77%), tax evasion (from 45% to 67%).