2011-06-10 10:25:00

Over 60% of Russians oppose gay parades - opinion poll

Moscow, June 10, Interfax - More than a half of Russian citizens (53%) know about attempts by sexual minority activists to stage gay parades in Moscow and approve of the authorities' decision to ban such them, according to an opinion poll held by the FOM pollster in 43 Russian regions on June 4-5.

The poll showed that 44% of those surveyed have not heard anything about attempted gay parades.

Every tenth respondent (9%) opposes the ban, while a third of those polled could not say whether banning public actions by sexual minorities was a right thing to do.

In a similar poll in Moscow, 69% of the respondents said that gay parades should be prohibited, 11% disagree and 20% have no ready answer.

Opponents of gay parades argue that "this is immoral, this is propaganda of immorality (15%)", "one needn't show off one's sexual orientation" (8%), "this is simply unnecessary" (7%), "this is unpleasant" (6%).

Supporters of gay parades say that "this is a personal matter for every individual" (3%) and think that the ban on such actions is a "violation of democratic rights and the rights of sexual minorities" and "groundless" (1% respectively).

Starting from 2006, representatives of sexual minorities have unsuccessfully applied for permission to stage a gay parade in Moscow.