2011-05-23 13:04:00

Church urges Russians to firmly state to the world that "propaganda of perversions" is inadmissible

Moscow, May 23, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church called Russians to hold their ground despite the arguments of those who seek to force insolence and permissiveness on the society.

"Today, those who are trying to maintain the abnormal situation of 1990s when insolence and permissiveness kept killing Russia are now messing around... slashing the Church and national movements which come out against them," Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the head of the Synodal Department for Church and Society Relations said Monday at a meeting held to protest the gay parade.

"We should clearly and publicly tell our people and the neighbouring countries: we stand for Russia free from any propaganda of perversions, pornography, pedophilia, night alcohol trafficking in outlets, we stand for Russia free from drug trafficking, we stand for Russia which treats and cures drug addicts, we stand for Russia free from dumb TV entertainment which takes 90 percent of air time, we stand for Russia which is full of life, strength, and moral health, open to Heaven and building a worthy life," Father Vsevolod said.

And then, he believes, "we shall win the victory because the Risen Christ has conquered all evil... There will be no triumph of evil and no triumph of devils because Christ has risen!"

Addressing the protesters against the gay parade, Father Vsevolod stressed that "we have defeated those who tried to hold the parade of people propagating homosexuality against the people's will."

He said, as far back as just a few weeks, the authorities kept telling some media that "nothing would come out of it because they were sure that outside pressure was more powerful in Russia than the country's people."

"Many still believe in that and hope to win but I'm sure that if the people keep showing their will as you do, then it would be the people who decide what is good and what is bad for us all. It's not the small elite and not some external force, it will be we, the people," Father Vsevolod believes.