2011-05-05 17:41:00

EUP concerned by Moscow gay pride parade situation organizer

Moscow, May 5, Interfax - The European Parliament (EUP) has called on the EU leaders to facilitate a decision to allow a gay pride parade at the center of the Russian capital slated for May 28, said Nikolay Alexeyev, the organizer of Moscow gay pride parades.

"It emerged that in a letter addressed to EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton and head of the EU delegation to Russia Fernando Valenzuela, a group of EUP members asked to convince Moscow authorities to allow the forthcoming gay pride parade in the Russian capital," Alexeyev told Interfax on Thursday.

The document was signed by those European parliamentarians who are members of the EUP's Intergroup on LGBT rights, he said.

"The letter expresses concern over Russia possibly planning to ignore the resolutions of the European Court of Human Rights once again," Alexeyev said.

Trust in the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom, the provisions of which must be honored by the EU, and the principles of which are recognized as the general principles of the EU's legislation, will be seriously undermined if Russia once again denies the right to freedom of assembly after the decision in the Alexeyev vs. Russia case, European parliamentarians wrote.

In October 2010, the Strasbourg court ruled that the decisions to ban three gay pride parades in Moscow in 2006-2008 were against the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom, Alexeyev recalled.