2011-04-29 17:19:00

Petersburg govt offers venue on city outskirts for gay pride parade

St. Petersburg, April 29, Interfax - The St. Petersburg administration has rejected all of the venues chosen by local gay movement activists for their May 1 rally, suggesting that they gather near the village of Levashovo in the city's suburbs, gay movement spokesman Yury Gavrikov told Interfax on Friday.

"The city administration has not approved any proposed venue for the May 1 procession in the city's center and has offered a venue for the rally between Levashovo and Novosyolki," he said.

However, the venue proposed by the city authorities is not suitable, he said.

Gay movement representatives planned to hold a procession along St. Petersburg's central Nevsky Avenue to Manezhnaya Square or to Pionerskaya Square, as well as in the Ekateringof Park.

Activists will most likely join a May 1 demonstration the opposition will hold with permission from the authorities.

"It will probably be the Yabloko party," he said.

The leader of the St. Petersburg branch of the liberal Yabloko party, Maxim Reznik, did not object to this option.

"We do not ask people who join the democratic column about their sexual orientation," Reznik said.