2011-02-14 12:30:00

Byelorussian gays allowed to hold rally in central Minsk

Minsk, February 14, Interfax - The Minsk authorities have authorized the first gay rally in central Minsk, Sergey Androsenko, leader of the unregistered sexual minorities movement, told Interfax on Monday.

"The Minsk city executive committee has sanctioned a rally in Minsk for the first time. The rally will be conducted in the center of the city," Androsenko said.

Sergey Praded, coordinator of the rally, said the rally is devoted to Valentine's Day and will be conducted "fifty meters away from the administrative building where several ministries are located.

"We were not allowed to use the traditional seven-color flag, but we will hold posters calling for the registration of this symbol of the gay movement worldwide," Praded said.

Praded also said the Minsk administration has authorized a rally with up to 15 participants.

According to earlier reports, the police prevented a gay rally in which Nikolay Alexeyev, leader of the gay movement, was expected to take place in 2010.