2010-10-22 17:34:00

Orthodox youth starts ambitious campaign against decision of the Strasbourg Court on gay prides in Moscow

Moscow, October 22, Interfax - Orthodox Youth Movement Georgiyevtsy! supported by a number of public organizations starts ambitious campaign against decision of the European Human Rights Court that said gay prides were banned in Moscow illegally.

The movement press service told an Interfax-Religion correspondent that Orthodox youth will conduct a series of pickets, meetings and actions near the building of the Council of Europe in Moscow and start collecting signatures under an address to the State Duma asking to adopt judicial ban on such parades.

"The fact that Strasbourg decision came out on the day when the new Moscow mayor took his office deserves attention. We are sure it is not a coincidence, but intended pressing on the new city head," the Georgiyevtsy! coordinator Vladimir Mikhalyov said.

According to him, decision of the Strasbourg Court is "certainly politicized and its final objective of pressing on Moscow government is not to allow gay prides, but to support certain marginal political groups in Russia that every now and then try to hold their unsanctioned meetings, pickets and marches in the Triumphalnaya Ploschad, near the mayor office and in other downtown places."

Mikhalyov stressed that Orthodox youth will use all legal methods to oppose "marginal actions in Moscow."