2010-10-07 14:19:00

Picket against plans to organize gay parade in Belgrade to be held in Moscow

Moscow, October 7, Interfax - On Sunday, Orthodox young believers will voice their protest at the Serbian embassy in Moscow against the permission to hold the gay parade in Belgrade on that day.

"Demonstrations and rallies of perverts with no other aim but public propaganda of impudence and "alternative morals" have become a customary symptom of the Western society disease," the picket organizers' statement reported Thursday to Interfax-Religion says.

The statement notes that Belgrade has been so far one of the few European capitals "unaffected with this plague: any attempts to hold gay parades failed due to spontaneous protest of the whole Serbian community."

"The government of President Tadic, however, seeking to join the European Community, believes that holding such pervert parades is an essential feature of the "civilized European society" and intends to walk the gay community along the streets of Belgrade by all means," the statement says.

The opponents of the gay parade said that the average Serbian citizens brought up within traditional Orthodox ethics were not going to accept that - "indignant people ready to prevent such abominable indecency in the streets of the capital" come to Belgrade from across the country and Serbian territories of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Moscow picket will be held under the slogans "Say No to Gay Parade" and "Russia and Serbia against Pervert Parades", "Belgrade is no Sodom" and "Belgrade and Moscow - Last Bastions on the Way of Gay Parades".