2010-10-04 12:37:00

Orthodox youth of Moscow launched real cocks in rows of gay picket participants

Moscow, October 4, Interfax - Orthodox youth from the Georgiyevtsy movement in protest against gay picket near the office of Swiss Airlines in Moscow launched real roosters in rows of action participants.

"Today representatives of sexual minorities don't strive for any rights, they just want to attract public attention one more time, but their actions lack fantasy and we decided to bring them truly blusterous and lively cocks," the movement coordinator Igor Mangusov was quoted as commenting idea of the performance by the press service of the synodal Youth Department last Friday.

The first action coordinated with authorities and organized by gay-activist Nikolay Alexeyev, who tries to hold a gay pride in the capital every year, took place on Friday near Swiss Airlines office in Moscow as Alexeyev has claims to the company. The action aimed at boycotting the company.