2010-09-16 16:59:00

Moscow gay pride parade organizer Alexeyev found in Minsk

Moscow, September 16, Interfax - The organizer of Moscow gay pride parades, Nikolay Alexeyev, has said that he was expelled from Russia and that he is currently in Minsk.

"At the moment I am in Minsk. I was squeezed out to here," Alexeyev told Interfax via SMS on Thursday.

"I was taken [from Moscow's Domodedovo Airport] outside the city to some small town police station and was questioned there," Alexeyev said.

"They demanded that I sign a prepared paper stating that I recall the case about gay pride parades from the European Court due to a reached arrangement," he said.

Speaking of his immediate plans, Alexeyev said: "Over the next few days I will return to Russia and will attend an anti-Luzhkov picket on Tuesday."

"It is a matter of principle, and I will do everything to be there," he said.

Another co-organizer of Moscow gay pride parades Alexey Davydov, of the Solidarity movement, said earlier that Alexeyev was in an unknown location and some people demanded that he recall all lawsuits from the European Court of Human Rights over the ban on gay pride parades in the capital.

Representatives of gay communities make regular attempts to hold a gay pride parades in central Moscow, however their plans are being systemically rejected by the city authorities.