2010-07-27 16:58:00

Orthodox human rights advocate welcomes decision to refuse homosexual movement in registration

Moscow, July 27, Interfax - The Human Rights Center of the World Russian People's Council (WRPC) welcomes principal position of the Russian Justice Ministry Chief Administration in Moscow as it refused to register homosexual movement for equal rights in marriage.

In its letter of exemption, the Chief Administration said that movement founding documents contradict to the country's legislation. The Moscow Gagarinsky Court confirmed the refusal is legal on July 20.

The movement founder and organizer of Moscow gay prides Nikolay Alexeyev intends to dispute the decision in the European Human Rights Court, Gay Gorod website reported. Representatives of the Justice Ministry explained Alexeyev that a marriage can be registered only between people of different sex while organizations urging to change the acting legislation cannot be registered.

"WRPC Human Rights Center backs up the decision of the Russian Justice Ministry Chief Administration in Moscow and the Gagarinsky Court as they have securely blocked the ongoing expansion of sexual minorities to the capital. Meanwhile, we can't help our concerns for ongoing attempts to destroy the very notion of traditional family and equal to a marriage unnatural union of a woman with women or of a man with other men or of people and animal," the Center director Roman Silantyev told Interfax.

According to him, any peaceful coexistence between advocates and opponents of "sexual perversions" is impossible and "western experience shows that gays and lesbians not only seek equal rights with advocates of traditional lifestyle, but try to impose their ideas on them and ban any critics of their convictions."

"It's quite revealing that the Gagarinsky Court took its decision at the time when the USA faces a booming scandal with Jennifer Keeton, a student of the Augusta University (Georgia), who was prevented from expressing a Christian outlook on homosexuality by the University authorities and instructed to work on broader interaction with people of non-traditional sexual orientation and even visit gay prides," the interviewee of the agency stressed.

According to Silantyev, the principal position of authorities makes it impossible to realize in Russia "such wild scenarios when sexual perverts discriminate believers".