2010-06-25 12:50:00

St. Vladimir monument suggested to be set up in Lubyanka

Moscow, June 25, Interfax A monument to St. Vladimir can be set up in Lubyanka Square in Moscow instead of the monument to Dzerzhinsky dismantled in 1991.

"It's a pity that nobody properly commemorates St. Vladimir's personality though the things he did still direct many vectors of our country's development," the project co-author and activist renowned historian Alexey Novotochinov was quoted as saying by the Parlamentskaya Gazeta.

The idea of setting up a monument appeared in 1992 and was even introduced in Russian Supreme Council, but then it was not further promoted.

"There are many slogans in modern sociocultural model, but sometimes we lack conciliarity, real creative work, social motivation of life His Holiness Patriarch Kirill urges us to," Novotochinov explained the reasons to install the monument.