2010-06-11 14:57:00

Public Council on Morality asks organizers of Elton Johnís concert in Minsk to provide it with records of the singerís previous performances

Minsk, June 11, Interfax Ė The Public Council on Morality doesn't oppose Elton John's concert in Minsk, but plans to turn to its organizers to give video record of the singer's previous shows, the Council head Nikolay Cherginets told Interfax.

He reminded that the Public Council on Morality had watched records of previous Rammsteinís gigs before the bandís concert in Minsk on March 7, 2010. "It was awful what we saw about Rammstein. We did the right thing by raising this question. As a result, the organizers asked Rammstein not to afford the things they did in other places," Chernigets said

According to him, the Public Council is not against the concert, however Chernigets stressed "we are against mockery of morality, mockery of our children who go there, we demand that obscenity, which both children and adults shouldnít see, not be shown."

Elton John, who is on his world tour, plans to give his only on the post-Soviet space tour concert in Minsk on June 26.