2010-06-10 10:39:00

St. Petersburg gay march organizers to seek support from foreign diplomats

St. Petersburg, June 10, Interfax - The organizers of a planned gay pride parade in St. Petersburg plan to seek support from the consulates in the city of European countries, Canada and the United States, the head of the parade organizing committee said.

The organizers hope the diplomatic missions will issue statements in support of the rights of the Russian sexual minorities or even join the planned march, Maria Yefremenkova, told Interfax.

"Immediately after we submit our application [for permission for the parade to the city administration], we plan to write to the ombudsman [Alexey Kozyrev] to ask him to make sure our rights aren't violated," she said.

Besides the main route the organizers want the parade to follow, the committee has chosen a back-up route, and both will be stated in the application, Yefremenkova said. The latter route goes from Kronverksky Prospekt to Birzhevaya Square with a rally on the square.

The marchers will represent, in addition to St. Petersburg and Moscow, the Russian cities of Vyborg, Gatchina and Tula, and the Byelorussian capital, Minsk.