2010-06-09 10:42:00

St. Petersburg gay pride parade organizers ask EU embassies for help

Moscow, June 9, Interfax - The organizers of the gay pride parade in St. Petersburg, scheduled for June 26, have asked the embassies of 18 countries and the European Union ambassador for help.

"The organizers of the St. Petersburg gay pride parade addressed their letters with request for support to the embassies of 13 European Union countries, as well as the ambassadors of the EU, the United States, Canada, Australia, Norway and Switzerland," one of the organizers, Nikolay Alexeyev, told Interfax.

In their letters, the organizers are asking "for practical or political help, in particular, statements supporting the parade," he said.

The letters have been sent to the embassies of those countries have already provided similar support for gay pride parades in Eastern Europe, said Maria Yefremenkova, another organizer of the gay pride parade in St. Petersburg. "For instance, in Bucharest, Vilnius and Bratislava," she said.

Since the gay pride parade is planned for June 26, the official notice of it will be sent to the city authorities later, she said.