2010-05-17 14:19:00

Third Slavic gay pride parade to be held in St. Petersburg next year

St. Petersburg, May 17, Interfax - The third Slavic gay pride parade will take place in St. Petersburg next year, the parade organizing committee said on Monday.

"The Russia-Belarus organizing committee has approved the affiliation of St. Petersburg gays and the holding of the next Slavic gay pride parade in St. Petersburg," a report from the organizing committee said.

The parade will take place sometime in mid-May 2011. The precise date will be announced later.

The first Slavic gay pride parade was held on Moscow Vorobyovy Gory on May 16, 2009, where the police detained about 40 activists.

The second Slavic gay pride parade was held in Minsk on Saturday. The police arrested eight participants in the unauthorized event. The parade's organizers said that two St. Petersburg residents arrested in the Minsk parade were still in custody pending trial.