2009-10-02 14:19:00

Court declines gay movement's suit against Luzhkov

Moscow, September 2, Interfax - The Moscow Tverskoy District Court on Friday declined the defamation lawsuit filed by representatives of the gay movement against Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov

The court also rejected the plaintiffs' claim for a linguistic evaluation of Luzhkov's statement, Interfax reported.

The plaintiffs asked for a linguistic definition of the word "homo," which Luzhkov used while speaking on Russian TV.

The court also refused to file the recording of Luzhkov's speech with the case materials.

Representatives of the gay movement filed a defamation lawsuit against Luzhkov after his appearance on TV-Tsentr on June 2, 2009, when he said the following: "Our society has healthy morals and does not accept all these homos."

The plaintiffs demanded that the court order Luzhkov to offer a public apology and pay them a symbolic amount of one kopeck in moral damages.

Luzhkov's defense lawyers said Luzhkov did not use the word "homo" in relation to any specific individuals and therefore the word cannot be regarded as insulting to the plaintiffs.

Nikolay Alexeyev, one of the plaintiffs, said: "If I say that all Moscow government officials are homos, will it be regarded as an insult?"