2009-08-10 13:35:00

Pentecostals demand to close gay club in Moscow

Moscow, August 10, Interfax – Russian Associated Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith (Pentecostals) picketed a Moscow gay-club.

Over seventy people participated in the action. They unfolded transparencies and flags with inscriptions “Family against homosexuals,” “Russia against homosexuals,” “God is against homosexuals,” “Unisexual love doesn’t exist!”

The participants cried out “Moscow is not Sodom, come and close your Babylon!” the Union’s Administrator Konstantin Bendas said.

The Babylon gay club has been located in the building of rehabilitation center of the Russian Society of Blind People since 2002.

According to Bendas, picketers had two objectives: to back up the appeal of the Moscow North District prefect Oleg Mitvol to close the Babylon and to attract attention to the question of locating such “hot spots” in residential districts near children, educational, medicine, sport and cultural establishments and religious organizations.