2009-06-03 13:48:00

No gay parades will be held in Moscow - Mayor Luzhkov

Moscow, June 3, Interfax - There are two main reasons for which no gay parades will be held in Moscow, Yury Luzhkov, the Moscow mayor, said in a television program on the TV Center channel on Tuesday.

"First, this is society's moral. Our society has a healthy moral and rejects all these queers," Luzhkov said.

The second reason is security of the demonstrators themselves, he said.

"If you even imagine that they get permission to hold their parade and gather, they will simply get killed. We have radical Christians who have hard feelings against these demonic manifestations, as they see it. By the way, when there were attempts to hold a gay parade during the recent Eurovision Song Contest, we had to isolate 19 radicals who were going to beat up these queers," Luzhkov said.

"I ban such parades, and this decision is well-thought. Moreover, this is not only a mayor's decision. Our society itself is against such demonstrations," he said.