2009-05-18 12:17:00

Famous Russian missionary calls gay pride parades a crime against children

Moscow, May 18, Interfax - According to Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy Archdeacon Andrey Kurayev, homosexuals' claim to publicity is a crime against children.

"To my mind, homosexual propaganda is a crime against childhood anyway," Fr. Andrey told Interfax-Religion commenting the intention of the gay community to hold the so called Slavic Pride Parade in Moscow last Saturday.

Fr. Andrey said that "when these "paraders" started their shameless efforts twenty years ago, they were seeking to withdraw the relevant article from the Russian Criminal Code, because what was going on between two adults in a locked room was nobody's business. We believed them and cancelled this article. Now they state that this should be everybody's business."

"You were looking for a dark room, so stay there. Why should you get out to the street?" Fr. Andrey wonders.