2009-05-14 14:05:00

No gay pride parade in Riga

Riga, May 14, Interfax/BNS - The committee of Riga's Parliament for considering the applications to hold meetings, demonstrations and strike pickets has revoked its earlier permission for holding a gay pride parade in the Latvian capital.

The Baltic gay pride parade was scheduled in Riga on May 16.

According to the survey conducted several years ago by the Center for Public Opinion Studies (SKDS), the majority of Riga's citizens (62%) oppose gay parades in the city. Only 17.5% of respondents support the idea.

The first pride parade was held in Riga in the summer of 2005. Its participants faced some manifests of intolerance by the public. After that, a discussion was launched to address the desirability of holding such events in the city. Many citizens of Riga believe that such parades challenge public morals and, therefore, should be banned.

In 2006, Riga's Parliament failed to approve the application for a gay parade. In November 2007, thousands of people got together in Riga at the World Against Homosexualism concert conducted in support of the family values.