2009-05-13 11:41:00

Russian writers to support Mayor's ban of pride parade

Moscow, May 13, Interfax - An attempt to hold gay pride parade in Moscow is another provocation by Russia's adversaries aimed at pushing an offensive image of Moscow by using mentally impaired people, the Russian Writers' Union says.

"It is only evident that they rely on the inadmissibility of blasphemous travesty of Russia's religious and moral values ensured with the need to maintain civil order which allows them to accuse the Moscow authorities of infringing "human rights", the Russian state - of the lack of democracy, and the Russian society - of the lack of tolerance," reads the Union's statement provided to Interfax.

According to the Writers' Union, "the nasty thing is that this action to promote moral permissiveness uses ethnic matters with a purely satanic sarcasm."

"A defiant offence of generic Slavonic understanding of family relations, religious sanctity, love and childbirth uncover the provocative goal to sow discord within the multinational society and cause local outrage with predictable options of its further driving," the statement reads.