2009-05-12 14:08:00

Pentecostals demand to ban the propaganda of pederasty on the eve of the Moscow gay pride parade

Moscow, May 12, Interfax - On the eve of pride parade which the gay community wants to hold in Moscow May 16, on the day of Eurovision final, Russian Pentecostals promise to hold mass protest actions throughout Russia, if the authorities give their permission for such parades.

"We shall pursue our cause and hold mass demonstrations and actions in dozens Russian cities. We shall not let this country fall down into another moral lapse or demographic crisis," reads the statement by the Petecostals' head, member of the Russian Public Chamber Sergey Ryakhovsky, published by Interfax-Religion.

In a document entitled No Pride Parade in Moscow! NEVER! Ryakhovsky writes that Russian Protestants believe that "statements and promotional campaigns to hold such a parade in mid-May this year as well as other "cultural" events planned by sexual minorities in Moscow" are "the insult to the memory of our fathers and grandfathers who won the great Victory in May 1945 with their own lives."

"The culture of Russian and other Slavic nations has always considered pederasty and other sexual perversions disgraceful and condemned them," Ryakhovsky emphasizes.

He regrets that today "the aggressive gay propaganda has penetrated many sheres and uses show business, television, filmmaking industry and even cartoons to force vice." "They are aiming at debauchery. They are reaping spiritual degradation, corruption of moral values, increasingly spreading existing and new deceases which become pandemic, and moral and physical decay of the nation," Ryakhovsky writes.

He believes that today the country needs to adopt a federal law "on inadmissibility of promoting pederasty and similar sexual perversions and liability for involving other people into this," and "in this case, we cannot yield to the pressure of amoral liberalism, including the Western one."