2009-05-07 15:20:00

Moscow city authorities will not allow gay parade - mayor's spokesman

Moscow, May 7, Interfax - The Moscow city authorities will not allow a gay parade in the city, Sergey Tsoy, a spokesman for the Moscow mayor, told journalists on Thursday.

"Members of the gay movement are threatening to hold their action on May 16 regardless of whether they get permission or not and without reckoning with the opinion of a community majority. The Moscow government is declaring that no gay parades have been and will be held in Moscow," Tsoy said.

The organizers of gay parades are seeking "not only to destroy moral pillars of our society but also deliberately provoke disorder, which would threaten the lives and security of Muscovites and guests of the city," he said.

"Such an action would endanger above all those who would want to take part in it. All this is absolutely unacceptable," Tsoy said.

"This is not only the Moscow government's position. We have been firmly warned about this by members of all religious denominations, primarily the Russian Orthodox Church, and also the leaders of youth and veteran organizations and ethnic-cultural groups," he said.

"Law enforcement bodies will strictly curb any attempts to hold unsanctioned actions in line with the law," Tsoy said.