2009-03-20 11:46:00

Vyatka Diocese officials criticize their priest for his slash of a gay parade

Moscow, March 20, Interfax - Head of Vyatka Diocese's missionary and education department Priest Evgeny Smirnov has drawn criticism for his slashing of the organizers of a gay parade in the regional town.

"It stands to reason that all rights and freedoms demanded by homosexuals are out-of-the-way and cannot be established in law. We, Christians, cannot call anything other than madness this overt propaganda of ideas and causes which all traditional religions condemn as sin and vice," Fr. Yevgeny claims in an address to the Governor of Kirov Region Nikita Belykh quoted Friday by Kommersant daily.

This was his reaction to the intentions of LGRT Rights, an interregional movement to protect the rights of homosexuals, recently voiced by its activists to hold this event in support of individuals with untraditional sexual orientation.

However, according to Kommersant, Fr. Yevgeny's standpoint has gained no understanding from his brothers-in-faith.

"The priest's appeal has been withdrawn. His appeal had no approval neither from the diocese officials, nor from Bishop Khrisanf," Fr. Alexander Balyberdin, secretary of the Vyatka Diocese, told the newspaper.

The Diocese's officials even recommended Fr. Yevgeny to apologize for a "harsh tone" of his statements, Kommersant reports.