2005-07-06 13:02:00

The Russian Orthodox Church supports the Mayor of Jerusalem’s ban against a gay parade

Moscow, July 6, Interfax - Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad has expressed solidarity with Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolyansky who has banned a gay parade in the Holy City and has been fined for this by a local court.

‘The Russian Orthodox Church supports your efforts aimed to protect sincere believers from actions defying their religious feelings. If sexual minorities do not reconcile themselves with the fact that such actions are inadmissible in Jerusalem, we will continue upholding our view of this issue’, the metropolitan says in his letter to the mayor, a copy of which was given to Interfax on Tuesday.

According to the representative of the Russian Church, sexual minorities, ‘having received an opportunity for demonstrating their sinfulness only a few decades ago, now challenge the spirituality rooted deep in the past, while a gross abuse of religious feelings these people were prepared to commit in their disregard of sin is not considered to be a violation of religious freedom’, he noted.

The court ruling imposing a fine on the Mayor of Jerusalem, according to Metropolitan Kirill, is a result of a radical interpretation of the principles of equality and freedom of self-expression.

The metropolitan believes this ruling will not contribute to peace and quiet in Jerusalem, as it ‘gives a minority the right to terrorise a majority, bringing all the society on the brink of a conflict’.