2009-03-06 18:48:00

Gay pride parades are unacceptable for Moscow and shouldn’t be allowed – chief administration of internal affairs

Moscow, March 6, Interfax – Wide-scale public actions with sex minorities among its participants are not acceptable for Moscow, Moscow Police Chief believes.

“It’s unacceptable, gay pride parades shouldn’t be allowed. No one will dare to do it, such “brave-heart” will be torn to shreds,” Pronin told Interfax.

“The West can say we’re bad guys, but our people will see it’s right. Our country is patriarchal, that’s sums it up,” he stressed.

“I positively agree with the Church, with the Patriarch, politicians, especially with Luzhkov, who are convinced that man and woman should love each other. It is established by God and nature,” the police head said.