2008-11-19 10:44:00

Sex minorities accuse Yabloko party in homophobia

Moscow, November 19, Interfax - Russian sex minorities criticize the Yabloko political party for its allegedly homophobe position.

"Under its former leaders, we knew the party as homophobic and lost any connection to its "democratic" mask. However, we didn't expect that under new central leaders it may join to opposing peaceful gay prides held in all democratic countries of the world," a sex minority leader Nicolay Alexeyev has told Interfax.

He reminded that the Yabloko Tambov branch urged Tambov authorities to suppress public gay and lesbian events by all possible legal means.

"We are against gay prides and we don't want our children to grow in such a society," the interviewee of the agency quoted an address of the party regional branch to the Tambov Mayor Pyotr Chernoivanov.

He reported that sex minorities planned to hold a piquet in Tambov on October 10, and a march on October 18. Both events were banned, and the Tambov Leninsky Court found the bans legal.

Alexeyev stated he would clear up the position on the sex minorities in the Yabloko central office.

"I wonder if they share the opinion of their regional branches. If they do, we will urge Russian gays and lesbians to boycott Yabloko and not to vote for this party at the elections," the interviewee of the agency went on to say.