2008-09-11 17:27:00

Latvians don't want to live in vicinity of gays, lesbians, gypsies and Muslims

Riga, September 11, Interfax/BNS - Majority of Latvians are intolerant to representatives of sex minorities, gypsies and Muslims, a poll conducted by the Analitisko Petijumu un Strategiju Laboratorija Latvian sociological service says.

The State Agency for Regional Development initiated the poll.

According to it, over 60 percent of residents in four biggest Latvian cities don't want people of non-conventional sexual identity to live nearby. The equal number in five big cities opposes to neighbors-gypsies. Over half residents of eight cities are against Muslims next door, over a quarter of residents in four cities don't want close vicinity with people of another race.

Sociologists also stated that over 10 percent of residents in four cities don't want to live close to painters.