2008-06-20 15:15:00

Campaign against propaganda of homosexual love to reduce the number of gays in society by 60-70 per cent, the researcher believes

Moscow, June 20, Interfax - Almost all homosexuals are victims of fashion or sexual violence in childhood, director of the Family Research Institute Paul Cameron said.

"I don't believe that anyone can be a born homosexual. It's impossible to be born a homosexual, but there are fifty different ways to become one," Dr. Cameron, who studied phenomenon of homosexuals for 40 years, said at a Moscow round table answering the question of an Interfax-Religion correspondent.

According to him, "homosexuality doesn't depend on genetics or heredity." The most wide spread way to make a gay of an ordinary young man is sexual violence, sexual contact with a man in tender age.

Cameron cited the data of a research conducted in the USA saying that about 60 percent of boys subjected to sexual violence from men in childhood then became homosexuals. Overwhelming majority (95-96 per cent ) of young people who had the first sexual contact with woman remained heterosexual.

"If society oppose (promotion of homosexuality - IF), the number of homosexuals will decrease by 60-70 percent," the expert believes.

He urged Russians to back up such politicians as Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov who opposed gay parade in Moscow. Cameron also finds it joyful that representatives of the sociology faculty of the Moscow State University showed interest to his institute's research and plan to conduct similar independent analysis.

"The USA needs your help. We want Russia to say strong "no" to homosexuality. American government groundlessly ignores our scientific research data. The West is rich, but this particular situation makes it die," the researcher said.