2008-06-07 10:19:00

Moscow gay pride organizer positively repels accusation in provocative actions and explains it with the vengeance of those who have lost their influence

Moscow, June 7, Interfax - The organizer of Moscow gay parade Nikolay Alexeyev has positively repelled the accusation in provocative behavior brought against him earlier by a gay-movement activist.

Recently published article by LGBT Rights website chief editor Nuar Nechayev gave a detailed description of Alexeyev's provocative, as the author believed, behavior in the conflict with the former State Duma MP Alexander Chuyev and representatives of gay community who didn't back up the Moscow gay parade.

Alexeyev has told an Interfax-Religion correspondent that in fact Nechayev is a "gay activist woman" Yekaterina Nechayeva.

"Ms Nechayeva has intensified her assaults against Moscow gay parade when majority of activists left her organization three months ago," thus the interviewee of the agency commented on criticism voiced against him earlier.

Alexeyev noted that in contrast with his opponents "the GayRussia project will never use violence even against opponents of gay movement." "We have never assaulted the participants of protests against gay prides. Though we have been assaulted by protesters more than once," he said.

The pride's organizer stated that in spite of Nechayev's allegations, he hadn't chocked walls and windows of the Indigo gay shop with homophobic slogans and stressed that "such accusations could have found a worthy place in tabloid papers for suburban trains."

"It's much as to accuse me of setting the Reichstag on fire," Alexeyev said and explained that these assaults were caused by the vengeance of a person who "has lost her influence in gay sphere."

Besides, the gay parade organizer strongly disapproves of the claim that his movement "turns from a human rights center to an extremist fanatic company" as Nechayev writes. Alexeyev reciprocally accused his opponents of extremism too.

"Similar assaults against our activists and me took place three years ago when we had just established our organization. Today great success of the third Moscow gay pride has again given rise to some forces, who want to be promoted through it, but are incapable of any constructive actions," Alexeyev summed up.