2008-06-03 10:32:00

Karelia rights activists petition Russian Supreme Court to allow gay marriages

Petrozavodsk, June 3, Interfax - Activists of the Karelia-based Youth Human Rights Group have petitioned the Russian Constitutional Court asking it to recall the clause of the Family Code that regulates marriage.

A corresponding letter was sent on Monday, the group's leader Maxim Yefimov told Interfax. He gave no further details.

A statement published on the group's web site states that "Part 1 of Article 12 of the Family Code states that 'marriage requires the mutual voluntary consent of a man and a woman who want to marry each other', which means that gays and lesbians cannot get married."

"We insist that the phrase 'marriage requires the mutual and voluntary consent of citizens who want to marry each other' is more appropriate," the statement says.