2008-06-02 15:14:00

Russian gay singer asks gay parade activists "not to insist"

Moscow, June 2, Interfax - Russian gay singer Boris Moiseyev doesn't approve of Moscow gay pride parade organizers being so persistent in their desire to conduct a march in spite of the authorities ban and public protests.

"If society doesn't accept them (gays - IF), they shouldn't insist," Moiseyev said to the Kommersant daily polling on the necessity of introducing penal actions against s ex-minorities published on Monday.

According to the singer, "it was right to abolish" the Criminal Code's article which envisaged punishment for homosexual marriages as "the civilized society should protect everyone: both homosexuals and lesbians."

Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy Deacon Andrey Kurayev agrees that "intimate life isn't a reason to arrest a person." At the same time he believes that attempts "to involve others to their affliction" by way of conducting gay-parades should be "if not criminally liable than penalized by public sanctions."

Member of the Russia's Central Executive Committee Gennady Raikov doesn't agree with him. He thinks that if Russian gays were subjected to criminal penalty "no one would promote himself as they would be afraid of being imprisoned."

Famous heart surgeon Leo Bokeria also believes that it was wrong to abolish a punitive article for sodomy because to preserve family, society and state "we should suppress promotion of homosexual relations." According to his observations, "population decrease exceeds population growth and gays make this statistics even more frightful."