2008-05-30 18:12:00

Moscow authorities did not sanction gay parade

Moscow, May 30, Interfax - The Moscow city authorities have not permitted gay activists to hold any pickets or processions on Tverskaya Street in Moscow, a high-ranking source from the Moscow city administration told Interfax on Friday.

"No permission has been issued to hold a procession, a parade, or a picket. The city authorities' position on the issue remains unchanged," he said.

"Mayor Yury Luzhkov has always had a clear position in his statements on this issue: the organization of such an event in Moscow is unacceptable," the source said.

The city authorities are guided by security and ethical reasons in their unwillingness to sanction such a procession, he said.

"Luzhkov has always stressed that Russian society does not accept such things. A gay parade is primarily dangerous to its participants themselves," the source said.

He pointed out that an unsanctioned attempt to hold a gay parade in Moscow in late May 2006 almost ended unfortunately for its participants.

Nikolay Alexeyev, the organizer of the planned gay parade in Moscow, said sexual minorities planned to hold a procession past the Moscow city administration headquarters on Tverskaya Street on Sunday, June 1.