2008-05-29 15:34:00

Gay pride parade may be held in Ufa

Ufa, May 29, Interfax - Edward Murzin, chairman of the Minorities Rights non-profit organization, member of the Moscow gay pride parade organizing committee and a resident of Bashkortostan, has suggested holding a gay pride parade in Ufa.

"I think that the organizing committee should stop 'casting pearl' but try to organize a gay pride parade in Ufa, where people and authorities are much more tolerant," he told Interfax on Thursday.

"The organizing committee has taken an interest in my suggestion. We do not rule out a gay pride parade in Ufa next year," Murzin said.

He also said he had decided to quit the organizing committee "in protest against the arbitrary conduct of Moscow authorities."

"We applied for a parade on Tverskaya Street on May 31 but our appeal was turned down. I think that sexual minorities will be held back as long as Moscow has its current administration," he said.

The organizing committee lodged an appeal with the Prosecutor General's office. The committee demanded the prosecution of Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov "for actually banning any gay and lesbian public events."

Murzin has filed many lawsuits in order to protect the rights of sexual minorities and same-sex marriages. He has lost all of the lawsuits.