2008-05-19 16:08:00

Acting Moscow mayor takes gays' accusations in good fun

Moscow, May 19, Interfax - Sex minorities striving to hold a gay parade in Moscow and related problems "don't worth one thin dime," acting mayor of Moscow Vladimir Resin told Interfax.

Thus, he commented on the statement of the cancelled gay parade's organizers.

The organizers addressed Russian Office of the Prosecutor General asking for Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov to be prosecuted for "banning any public homosexual and lesbian events, which contradicts the acting legislation."

"Construction sites sap all my strength, and the rest should be given to the women," Resin said smiling.

Commenting on the organizers' statement that the Moscow mayor would be sentenced to two thousand years due to the system of summed penalties, Resin said: "May the Lord grant him such a long life."