2008-05-19 09:34:00

Homosexuals seek criminal action against Moscow mayor

Moscow, May 19, Interfax - Organizers of a gay and lesbian parade in Moscow sent a letter to the Russian Office of the Prosecutor General asking for Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov to be prosecuted for banning homosexual events, parade organizers said.

"The Moscow authorities have in effect imposed a ban on any public gay and lesbian event, which is against the law and is a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights," one of the organizers, Nikolay Alexeyev, told a news conference in Moscow.

Alexeyev accused Luzhkov of "regularly and illegally preventing homosexuals from holding any public action in the capital."

Alexeyev said that, if a criminal penalty addition system existed in Russia, Luzhkov "would have earned no less than 2,000 years of prison by banning public events of various kinds in Moscow."

Russian homosexuals planned to picket the building of the Office of the Prosecutor General on Saturday, which has been declared the International Day Against Homophobia, to demand the prosecution of Luzhkov, but the administration of the city district where the building stands denied them permission for alleged security reasons.