2008-04-28 15:38:00

Moscow gay pride parade organizers plan to ignore ban on marches

Moscow, April 28, Interfax - Would-be organizers of a Moscow gay pride parade are challenging at the Moscow Tverskoy District Court the ban imposed by city authorities on ten marches they plan for the May holidays.

"There is no doubt we will win in this confrontation with the Moscow government; it is just a question of time. The ban on our peaceful actions is illegal, and courts will agree with us," a parade organizer, Nikolay Alexeyev, told Interfax-Religion.

Moscow sexual minorities "will insist on court hearings concerning the ban on their May actions and then appeal to the Strasbourg court," he said.

"There will be a gay pride parade in the city in May, no matter what city authorities may say," Alexeyev said. "This is our constitutional right and we intend to use it."

The organizers informed the Moscow government on April 18 about their plans to hold two marches in the city center on May 1 and 2. Deputy head of the city security coordination department Vasily Oleynik denied the request last Friday.

The sexual minorities are waiting for the authorities' response to their request for the May 3-11 marches.